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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Drupal and Symfony Project align - what does this mean?

Last week at DrupalCon Denver Dries Buytaert announced that Drupal 8 will use more features of the Symfony Framework.

Symfony provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build complex web applications faster. Choosing symfony allows you to release your applications earlier, host and scale them without problem, and maintain them over time with no surprise

Symfony beneļ¬ts

Dries made the following points about Symfony

  • A robust, modern toolkit for today's web
  • Well-tested, open source code
  • A healthy, welcoming community behind it
It's like when we adopted jQuery, but for the backend!

Below is a short video to explain what this actually means for Drupal 8. You can also watch Dries' full Keynote below to get the context.

Dries Buytaert Keynote

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet the DrupalCon Munich at Denver


A large delegation from the DrupalCon Munich organising team are present at DrupalCon Denver.

We are all enthusiastic about the next DrupalCon, so if you have any questions or just want to meet us, we'd love to bump into you and talk you.

Even better, if you are interested in getting involved, we are keen to recruit new volunteers to help us make Munich a huge success.

The following Munich volunteers are at DrupalCon

Local management team
Florian Loretan - @floretan (Germany)
Karsten Frohwein - @karstenfrohwein (Germany)

Volunteers (no particular order)
Ralf Hendel - @ralfhendel (Germany)
Daniel Kudwien - @tha_sun - Sun (Germany)
Jeffrey McGuire @horncologne - Jam (Germany)
Miro Dietiker @miro_dietiker (Switzerland)
Paul Johnson - @pdjohnson (UK)
Reinhard Gloggengiesser (Germany)
Carina Pellar - @CarinaPellar (Germany) - for Cocomore
Carsten Müller (Germany) - for Cocomore
Matts Hildén (Sweden) - for NodeOne
Larry Garfield (USA)
Cary Gordon

Drupal Association Staff
Marta Betts - @martabetts
Stephanie El-Hajj
Neil Kent

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Late evening sun in Atlanta

Saturday, March 17, 2012

DrupalCon Munich Swag headed for Denver

With luck the federal border agencies will go light Florian and let him into the USA. His bags will be bursting with thousands of specially produced DrupalCoasters. He may have some explaining to do.

We, the DrupalCon Munich team, want you to grab some and take weird and wonderful photos featuring them. Then post them on Twitter and Flickr to help spread the word about the next European DrupalCon.

For more information visit

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