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Friday, November 25, 2011

Strong year for Drupal - 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Report

Just received my copy of the 4th annual Water & Stone report. As with all stats, they can be interpretted so may ways. Rather than introduce any bias, I've shared the report.

"This report assesses 20 Open Source Content Management Systems on a variety of metrics related to Rate of Adoption and Brand Strength.The analysis looks at a broad range of indicators -- both direct and indirect -- with the goal of synthesizing trends and patterns that define the market leaders."

Based on 2,500 respondents. Wordpress, Joomla! and Drupal are still the dominant leaders, some great promise reported with Concrete5.

2011_OSCMS_Market_Share_Report.pdf Download this file

The 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Report, water&stone (2011) is attached.

For licensing see>

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Klout score doesn't matter, think smarter!

Klout scores are all very well, but what do they actually mean? The truth is very little is known about how the score is derived. My Klout score seems to being going down all the time but in the real world I consider my Twitter presence to be growing in vlaue.

Whilst algorithms can give some measure of your Twitter following, you should be aware of who they are and where.

The who

Focus on attracting a few key players in your field than 100's of hangers on. Think quality, don't tweet too often, and always consider as you gain influencers, what they think of your posts.

It is better to have a smaller number of followers attracted to an account who are actively engaged, interested in your tweets, read them, RT them, and engage with you. Narrowing your tweets down to a subject, maybe running several accounts for different personas or subjects will pay dividends. By keeping to a topic, you will keep followers engaged and loyal.

By talking on a narrow subject you are increasing your chances of being listed by people on Twitter. This can be big factor in achieving a bigger audience, possibly more value that followership.

The where


Knowing the location of the bulk of your followers has relevancy to when you post messages. You can see most of mine are in the UK / USA. This poses a challenge since they are spread over wide time zones. Consider your audience, maybe use a tool like to schedule Tweets to reach your followers overseas when you are asleep. Some people tweet the same message twice, once for their own time and a second for overseas. This can work well.

Why not try mapping your followers, find out more at!pdjohnson

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Police struggle to contain #occupymacc employing strong tactics

The situation has deteriorated at #OccupyMacc which has attracted a strong following. Mounted Police and evidence gathering officers have been spotted. Parents are attempting to remove the protesters from the dining room table in time for tea. Several innocent meerkats and a donkey were also draw into the unrest. A spokesman from #OccupyMacc stated "We want to stay here until past our bedtimes!"


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