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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet the DrupalCon Munich at Denver


A large delegation from the DrupalCon Munich organising team are present at DrupalCon Denver.

We are all enthusiastic about the next DrupalCon, so if you have any questions or just want to meet us, we'd love to bump into you and talk you.

Even better, if you are interested in getting involved, we are keen to recruit new volunteers to help us make Munich a huge success.

The following Munich volunteers are at DrupalCon

Local management team
Florian Loretan - @floretan (Germany)
Karsten Frohwein - @karstenfrohwein (Germany)

Volunteers (no particular order)
Ralf Hendel - @ralfhendel (Germany)
Daniel Kudwien - @tha_sun - Sun (Germany)
Jeffrey McGuire @horncologne - Jam (Germany)
Miro Dietiker @miro_dietiker (Switzerland)
Paul Johnson - @pdjohnson (UK)
Reinhard Gloggengiesser (Germany)
Carina Pellar - @CarinaPellar (Germany) - for Cocomore
Carsten Müller (Germany) - for Cocomore
Matts Hildén (Sweden) - for NodeOne
Larry Garfield (USA)
Cary Gordon

Drupal Association Staff
Marta Betts - @martabetts
Stephanie El-Hajj
Neil Kent

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