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Monday, August 29, 2011

Warning: Fake Twitter emails - "Your Account has been suspended"

Just received an email reporting that my main @pdjohnson account had been suspended due to 'aggressive following and tweeting'. Having spent over 2 years carefully building my following I was of course initially gutted. Reading the message on my iPhone it seemed fairly convincing, if on reflection the English was not quite perfect. However, upon logging in to Twitter all seems to be fine. This email whilst appearing to be from was actually a fake.

There was one glaring give away that it was an unscrupulous email.

The message looked like this

Subject: "Your account has been suspended"

Your twitter account has been suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service

Your account was suspended for aggressive following and tweeting

Following large numbers of users and tweeting too much in an attempt to attract attention to your own account can be annoying

to other users and is a violation of the Twitter Rules

Suspension of your account will be effective at anytime

To avoid permanent suspension just complete our twitter free offers below

Click here to complete some offers <--- link to a spammers site


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