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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tues 23rd #DrupalCon Sessions - Twitter directory for every presenter


Wednesday 24th Sessions ] [ Thursdays Sessions ]

The list below is available as a Twitter List 'Drupal Sessions'. This article was collated by @pdjohnson - Head of development for @livelinkuk , a Drupal agency in Manchester.

Most DrupalCon London session presenters are on Twitter. Below is a list of Tuesdays sessions with links to the respective presenters Twitter accounts.

The Path to a Mobile Drupal: Techniques, Tools and Failure

John Albin Wilkins

Hollywood Storytelling and the Drupal Development Process

George DeMet

Living, Breathing, Drupal: The Biology of the Request

Kenny Silanskas

Meet the Drupal Association and DrupalCon

Jacob Redding

With One Click

Marcus Deglos

Why Royal Mail and UK Government Are Shifting towards Open Source and Drupal

Sam Lowe

Automated UI Testing with Selenium

Yuriy Gerasimov

Document-Oriented Storage

Damien Tournoud

Easy Drupal Hosting Lifecycle: Local Dev, Production Deploy, Cloud Scale, and Sleep Well.

Barry Jaspan

Product, Framework, or Platform? What They Mean, And Why You Should Care

Jeff Eaton

Web Typography & Drupal: Putting Arial Out To Pasture

Jason Pamental

Aegir-Based Business Models

Christopher Gervais

Data Migration into Drupal

Moshe Weitzman

Telenet: Adopting Drupal to Reduce Costs, Improve SEO and Flexibility

Andy Stynen

Responsive Content: Re-architecting the Basic Page, Render API, etc.

John Albin Wilkins

Making Drupal Documentation Modular, Reusable and Open Source

Kristof Van Tomme, Jennifer Hodgdon, Tamás Demeter-Haludka

This Code Stinks!

Larry Garfield

Doing Drupal Security Right

Gábor Hojtsy

Forensic Theming: Key Techniques to Building Effective Drupal Themes

Emma Jane Hogbin

Drupal Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances

Ivo Radulovski, Robert Douglass, Frédéric Plais, Karen Borchert

How Do You Know that Gal Knows Drupal? Towards an Open Source Curriculum and a Community-Based Accreditation Scheme for Drupal

Dominik Lukes, Heather James

We invented the Web. 20 years later we got Drupal.

Cath Noble, Nicolas Bocquet

Hierarchical Permissions for Drupal 8 & (Node) Access Control

Károly Négyesi, Bálint KlériKen Rickard

Scalability and Performance Options

Maxime Topolov, Mark J Brown, Nathan Goulding, David Stuart

Scaling the Drupal Community

Greg Dunlap, Angie Byron

Workbench: Managing Content Management

Ken Rickard, George DeMet

Entities - Emerging Patterns of Usage

Ronald Ashri

OXFAM + Drupal = Great

Matt Cheney, Joe Baker

Theming API

Rolf van de Krol - Performance and Scalability

Jonathan Anthony

Search in Drupal 8 & Search Toolkit for Drupal 8

Thomas Seidl, Peter Wolanin, Chris Pliakas

Integration with External Services (APIs, web applications, mobile)

Kalle Varisvirta, Leon Tong

Bridging the Gap Between Desktop and Mobile Publishing with Drupal

Tom Deryckere

Why Drupal Projects Fail: Breaking Down Barriers to Successful Drupal Adoption

Chris Pliakas

The Rules Way of Life

Wolfgang Ziegler, Klaus Purer

Contributing Without Code

Mark Ferre [NA]

Take Full Control of Your Site Layout with Display Suite for Drupal 7

Kristof De Jaeger, Jan-yves Vanhaverbeke

Chorion: Migrating and Consolidating Localised Branded Web Sites With Drupal

David Redshaw [NA]


Randy Fay

Project Application Process Revisited

Greg DunlapAngie Byron

Managing Localized & Multi-site Environments

Alex Dergachev, Andy Stynen

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