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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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The list below is available as a Twitter List 'Drupal Sessions'.

Most DrupalCon London session presenters are on Twitter. Below is a list of Thursdays sessions with links to the respective presenters Twitter accounts.


Keynote: Designing the Sustainable Web

The Web Standardistas


Content Staging and Deployments in Drupal 7

Dick Olsson, Katherine Bailey


Developing with Drupal Commerce

Ryan Szrama, Peter Philipp, Jamie Wiseman, Jakob Torp


Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First and Drupal Theming for the Future with HTML5, CSS3 and Omega

Jake Strawn


Building Your Drupal Products the Right Way: Customer Development and Business Model Generation in a Lean Startup

Kristof Van Tomme


So What's this "Drew-paul" Thing You Do? (Explaining Drupal to Others)

David Needham


Unified Entity API as Part of the Configuration Management Initiative & An Entity Property API for Drupal 8

Peter Wolanin, Wolfgang Ziegler


OG7 - This Time It's On!

Amitai Burstein


Eating the Elephant - Managing a Big Drupal Project

CS_Axis12, Al Croston


Design in the Open: Collaboration Models in Open Source Design

Jeff Burnz


An Introduction to Form Builder - A New Interface for Fields

Nathan Haug


Of Constraints and Capabilities: Applying Systems Thinking to Design the Ideal Experience

Dante Murphy, Angel Brown


Bumping our Web Hosting Requirements

Moshe Weitzman


Making Core Useful: Balancing Simplicity, Functionality, and Contrib

Jeff Eaton


Drush Deploy

Mark Sonnabaum, Moshe Weitzman


Making Your Theme Scale With Your Brand

Maarten Verbaarschot, Terrence Kevin O'Leary


How to Have an Open Relationship... With Software (and Still Make the Paper)

Jacob Singh


Continuous Integration Will Solve Everything

Martin Moen


Passing the Audit: Five Days to a Successful Drupal Project

Erik Webb


Drupal 8 Update / Keynote Follow-up

Dries Buytaert


Drupal Module Developer Challenge by Tropo: Winners Announced and Entries Demoed

Adam Kalsey























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