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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wed 24th #DrupalCon Sessions - Twitter directory for every presenter

Below is a list of all the Twitter Accounts for presenters of sessions at DrupalCon London Wednesday 24th August.

Keynote: The Future of Social Media - A Historical Perspective

Tom Standage

Building and Maintaining a Distribution in Drupal 7 with Features

Antonio De Marco, Andrea Pescetti

Minnesota Usability Study : What Do Users Have to Say About Drupal 7?

Angie Byron, Brad Bowman, Jennifer Lea Lampton

Multilingual Drupal Solutions: Use Cases and Modules

Florian Loretan, Jose Antonio Reyero del Prado

Drupal On a Dime

Jennifer Hols, Benjamin Koether

Successful Communities & the New Breed of Drupal Events

Ivo Radulovski, Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Jens Beltofte, Kristof Van Tomme

WYSIWYG -- Editor module

Nathan Haug

Damn Quick Drupal: How to Make Drupal Perform and Scale Like a Rockstar!

Michael Cooper

Creating and Measuring the User Experience

Jeff Noyes

I'm Leaving You: The Risks of Dumping Your Old CMS for Drupal and How to Manage Them

Nicole Lind

Aegir: One Drupal to Rule Them All!

Antoine Beaupré, Steven Jones

Free Software and You

Peter Wolanin, Larry Garfield

Developing and Site Building for * & Prairie Initiative - Pushing Some Projects Forward

Neil DrummAngie Byron, Sam Boyer, Leisa Reichelt

Taking Inventory of Drupal Products and App Stores

Robert Douglass

Node.js and Drupal

Justin Randell, Howard Tyson

The Prairie Initiative - Redesigning the Social Spaces of

Leisa Reichelt

Don't Design Websites. Design Web SYSTEMS!

Todd Ross Nienkerk, Adam Snetman


Károly Négyesi, Claes Gyllensvärd, Dick Olsson

Updates from the Drupal 8 Initiative Owners

Jeff Burnz, Larry Garfield, Gábor Hojtsy, Greg Dunlap

Mad Skillz: Become the Best in the World

Diana Montalion Dupuis

Drupal as Base System For Your iPhone Android iPad Apps

Sumit Kataria

dog: A New Era for Drupal Sitebuilding

Sam Boyer

A Bulletproof Approach to Theming

Rasmus Läbel Kalms

Slick Data Sharding: How to Develop Scalable Data Applications With Drupal

Tobby Hagler

Updates from the Drupal 8 Initiative Owners Continued

Jeff BurnzLarry GarfieldGábor HojtsyGreg Dunlap

D8 Needs a Better Editorial Workflow in Core

Ken Rickard

E-Commerce - The Benefits of Using Drupal

Mike O'Connor, John Ennew, Nikola Kotur

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