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Thursday, June 02, 2011

New SEO Modules every Drupal site owner should know about

I have always experienced good SEO performance when using Drupal. It's support for clean / search engine friendly urls, xml sitemaps, ping, page title, meta tags (nodewords), global redirect, google analytics are all well established must have tools in an SEO's kit. There are however several modules which some of you may have missed.

Content Analysis

This module performs content evaluation per node using Alchemy and Scribe APIs. It reports and recommends improvements which can be made to keyword densities, page title and body content, readability and W3C compliance. Whilst all of these are possible with external tools I really like the fact that it is integral to the site publishing workflow.

SEO Friend

Duplicate page titles and meta descriptions are a factor in SEO. This tool streamlines the process of locating and managing duplicates by generating reports listing culprits. It also presents recommendations for settings of path auto.

Link Checker

This is not a new module but certainly less talked about. It performs periodical checks for broken links within content. On large sites this is particularly useful.

Google Analytics Reports

Expose top line metrics from Google Analytics to site owners. In one screen establish which sites and search terms are generating most traffic, which pages are most popular and what traffic trends exist.


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