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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Improving product creation workflow in Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce represents a quantum shift in how to approach web shops on the platform. One aspect which has changed is the way products are generated. They exist as product entities which are related to a content types via a node reference. Lost you already? Well I think my clients would be lost at least.

The implication is that in order to publish a product you need to fill in 2 forms, ouch! I can see why it has been done this way, abstracting products from nodes allows us to create bundles and products which are only available when bought together. The unintended consequence is that my customers might get confused / daunted / make mistakes.

Fortunately Nylin has contributed "Commerce Product Display Manager" module which streamlines the process of product creation. It allows users to visit


and use one form to create the product entity and the node (or reference an existing node)


[ Download Commerce Product Display Manager ]

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