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Friday, July 15, 2011

The power of Circles in Google+ - segmentation means larger more loyal audiences

As the volume of messages posted on social networks explodes people are becoming more selective about who they connect with. It is important that your message reaches its intended audience and that you stick to subjects they are engaged with. I have several personas and talk about Social Media, Drupal, Open Source, Manchester digital, ecommerce - the audiences don't always cross over. This represents a challenge when using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

What's wrong with Twitter?

I am a massive Twitter user, one aspect I always wrestle with is segmenting my messages so I don't lose followers by hitting them with irrelevant messages. The best way I have to avoid this on Twitter is to have multiple accounts which act as personas. This is unsatisfactory since it requires time consuming sign ups and complex management issues.

Google+ Circles is the solution!


Google have taken the best of all social media and wrapped it up into Google+. Circles allows you to segment people you follow into interest groups. This provides two valuable features.

Filtering incoming messages by circle

By placing individuals in circles by interest or category you are able to view posts just within that circle. This is rather similar to Twitter lists. However there appears to be no limit to the number of circles you can generate which cannot be said of Twitter lists.

Share with specific circles

The ability to share a post just to certain circles is a killer feature. It provides the facility to achieve segmentation and relevance. You are more likely to grow and retain a larger following if you employ this tactic.


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