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Saturday, March 05, 2011

An earthquake make the world smaller


At 12:51 (time of the quake) today we embarked on our 6.3 Mile sponsored run in aid of The Red Cross New Zealand Earthquake. £500+ in sponsorship, for which we are truly grateful, was but one benefit of our efforts. We thoroughly enjoyed the run and were blessed with good weather.

What surprised me was the mind boggling number of people around the globe and in Christchurch who came forward via Twitter and Facebook to wish us luck and show gratitude. In desperate times it was wonderful to be able to make people feel good. It made covering the distance all the more pleasurable.

Christchurch is a city so many hold dear to their hearts, it was easy to rally support and many were so generous. In the coming months as Cantabrians start to rebuild their lives, they should never forget a wider world cares.

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