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Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks @webchick and - Free Community Drupal Videos available now!

Less than a month ago I identified a significant opportunity to improve Drupal's growth. Many users struggle with the concept of patches and would readily fix bugs, provide improvements, contribute more if they understood how.

Rather than write a lengthy blog post I thought it more beneficial to engage the power of the Drupal community. Angie Byron for years has been a Drupal Documentation super start, Jeff Robins co-founded Lullabot who specialise in Drupal Training. All I did was send a humble Tweet, the result was far greater than I had anticipated.


In response to my initial suggestion, Lullabot have created a whole new Free Community Drupal Videos section of in response to my suggestion. Kicking off with two tutorials addressing creating and applying patches, Lullabot are welcoming further suggestions from Drupalistas with ideas which help foster a better Drupal.

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