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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Flash Web Services and dataproviders tip

I have been playing with web services and components in Flash MX 2004. I discovered that if I do the following the data passed from the Cold Fusion web service is in a format Flash can treat as a dataprovider. Neat.

***Cold Fusion Web Service***

<cffunction name="productlist" access="remote" returntype="array" output="yes">

<cfquery name="qProducts" datasource="operatorsPostgres">
SELECT * from tablename

<cfset aRetvar=arrayNew(1)>

<cfoutput query="qProducts">

<cfset singleItem = structnew()>
<cfset singleItem["productname"]= ProductName >
<cfset singleItem["producttype"]= ProductType>
<cfset arrayAppend( aRetvar, singleItem )>


<cfreturn aRetvar/>


***Action Script Call***

productObj = mapService.productlist( result.flashmapuuid , _global.domainid, _global.cfid , _global.cftoken , _global.thrivedsn );

productObj.onResult = function(result) {

_root.application.form.dgProducts.dataProvider = result;